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From: Menno J.H. van der Reijden  Date: 2006/03/07 08:43:22

hi Calum,
just posted my review in the GJG board. Thanks again for sending the CD.
Now I’m curious as to how the first sounds. Django Ecosse.
;-) Menno

From: Calum McKenzie  Date: 2006/01/31 21:48:26

Hello Y.D.R., just a quick e,mail to make contact with you and let you know a little about my band "Havana Swing". We are based in Dundee Scotland and are a five piece band who specialise in the music of Django Reinhardt and Gypsy Jazz. Had a look at your great which is very enjoyable with loads of helpful info. We have just finished our latest C.D."Django’s Lion," 14 tracks, 3 original tunes, 3 jazz standards, 5 Django Reinhardt numbers, 1 Romane number and 2 Tchavolo Schmitt numbers. Meanwhile keep up the great work andI hope to hear a C.D.from you soon. If you would like more information about the band please take a look at our web-site on and listen to our first C.D. "Django Ecossais"or contact me on Regards and "Slainte" Calum McKenzie.

From: Andy  Date: 2006/01/30 21:19:52

Hi All ...

I saw you last weekend (27th Jan 2006) on the BBC4 documentary about Django Reinhardt, Ypu play wonderful music so well, really enjoyable to hear. When are you releasing a CD ?

If ever I visit Tokyo again, I’ll make sure to get to see you play if possible

Keep it up ...



From: bruce weaver  Date: 2006/01/01 07:46:59

thank you for your transcriptions. they are a big help.sincerely, bruce weaver, box 971, cardston,alberta,canada, t0k 0k0

From: Hikaru  Date: 2005/12/29 01:02:06

Hi, Douglas

Sorry, we, YDR has not released any album yet. But You can listen our sound clip from our performances at .
Please enjoy it.

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