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From: Louis Thorne  Date: 2013/09/27 05:17:21

Great music! I would love to meet and jam with you the next time that I am in Japan, visiting my family.

From: Hikaru  Date: 2011/06/06 17:32:02



From: Unforafeess  Date: 2011/01/09 22:13:11


I begin on internet with a directory

From: Hikaru  Date: 2006/12/14 04:25:27

Hi all,

We, YDR are very sorry, because we don’t have any official released CD album but some live-tape uploaded to .
We have not yet seen "Djangomania" program. Does anyone send us the video or dvd copy of that TV program?
Thank you.

From: Tom  Date: 2006/12/09 00:49:08

Where can I get your cd in southern California? Saw you in the movie..... really like your melding of bluegrass and Gypsy jazz.

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