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From: Hikaru  Date: 2005/04/13 02:04:28

We would like to say "Thank you" to euro peoples who write here.
If you want to listen our performance, please click "•AUDIO" link. There is a few our sound clip on the target page.
Does anyone bring us to your countries and let us play music there?
Very djangoly.

From: johannes jacobs  Date: 2005/04/12 16:21:02

Great playing, special violin sound, go on to play from your hearts and make free music. Greetings from Johannes

From: Emme  Date: 2005/04/12 09:00:32

Holland again! The NPS documentary...;-)

Love your sound and style. And your "Stephanie" (violinist) is fantastic!

From: Mischa  Date: 2005/04/12 05:06:56

Ohayo Yellow Django Revival,

There was a documentary on Django music on Dutch TV today, in which you were starring. I enjoyed the music you were making very much! Can I buy CD's online somewhere??

Greetings from Oranda.

From: Guy Verachtert  Date: 2005/04/12 05:05:31

I Just saw you playing on TV in a docu with a canadian interviewer, and I just wanted to say YOU SOUND GREAT !
Greetings from Belgium

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