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From: Douglas  Date: 2005/12/28 13:21:00

I live in Toronto, Canada. Can’t find where to buy CD of Yellow Django. Is there a CD?? and if so where can I buy it. Love your music, excellent!! Please keep playing.
Thank you Yellow Django Revival

From: Hikaru  Date: 2005/10/25 05:04:34


From: Hikaru  Date: 2005/06/21 04:22:17

Dear Menno,
We will go to France if anyone would invite us as a business. So your japanese friends I know have a lot of money but we don't have enough money to go there. Would you bring there?
Very djangoly.

From: Menno J.H. van der Reijden  Date: 2005/05/13 21:23:14

hello Yellow Django Revival,
I recently saw you perform in a documentary Djangomania and you were good!
All the right Django moves but beyond Django trying BlueGrass as well. All right. As long as you enjoy the music that's all that counts.
Keep it up musicwise and maybe learn some English for the interview with an interpreter was slow.
Maybe if you have time and a lot of money you can come to France for the last weekend of June and listen to other Django music.
Ask my friends Takayuki Kikuchi or Akio Anzai ( as they did last year.
Menno, Sittard, The Netherlands.

From: Hikaru  Date: 2005/04/13 02:04:28

We would like to say "Thank you" to euro peoples who write here.
If you want to listen our performance, please click "•AUDIO" link. There is a few our sound clip on the target page.
Does anyone bring us to your countries and let us play music there?
Very djangoly.

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